Intense tradition. Five generations of a family working in the timber industry in a dynamic and targeted development of innovation and steady research of the best materials, treatments, techniques and products. The Gandelli group has years of experience in the industry and is able to offer the strongest guarantees in terms of quality of the raw material, precision of production, fast delivery time and a full range of products always available in our warehouses.

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Technological skills regarding productive methodologies, project development and cost analysis. Skills for construction site management and execution of the construction. Our experience and advice on wooden houses and roofs is essential to ensure efficiency and sustainability of the executions. Particular attention is paid to the design assistance for studies and professions, aiming at the constructions of works reflecting the project’s nature and the customer’s expectations.

Ferdinando Gandelli

Ferdinando Gandelli

Dr. Ferdinand Gandelli begins immediately to take care of the business of the family. Once graduated
enters an established company covering commercial-technical tasks. At 26 he was appointed Chairman
Fedecom Wood for the regions of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta becoming part of the Executive Committee of the
Wood Fedecom direction of Rome. Afterwards, change the business structure, implementing activities, services
and products in view of sustainability and innovation.