Constructing roofs in glulam wood and solid wood has always been a significant part of our activity. With what is now over a century of experience in this sector, we have set the benchmark for all types of construction.

Circular cover laminated wood


Whether it is designing timber roofs or analysing current designs, our comprehensive evaluation is aimed at achieving the best result, which is both long lasting and achieved in good time. The wood used (glulam or multilayer) comes from suppliers which we have chosen over decades and have been systematically reviewed by our specialists.

We are true ‘masters’ of the installation process, able to resolve any issues that may arise, especially in restoration projects.Our regular and sizeable investment in professional upgrading and innovation has endowed us with the necessary skills to construct timber roofs and timber roof structures of all varieties, including timber roofs for buildings which have been designed according to the most recent bioclimatic studies. We pay close attention to ecology and energy saving and we are involved in innovative designs, for example roofs with photovoltaic and/or solar panels built in.

What do we build?

Pent roofs; gable roofs; hip roofs; curved roofs; gambrel roofs; multi slope gable roofs; triangular and trapezoidal flat roofs; mansard roofs; dome roofs; flat roofs; green roofs; roofs with a garden; non-insulated and non-ventilated roofs; non-insulated and ventilated roofs; insulated and non-ventilated roofs (warm roofs); insulated and ventilated roofs (cold roofs); Piedmontese and Lombard roofs; king post roof trusses; Palladian trusses; queen post roof trusses; Palladian three ray trusses; half trusses; dormer windows; curved dormer windows; skylights; roof windows; chimneys; aerators and vents.