With current technology and engineering, we have eliminated the historical limits of wood including size, strength and consistency of the final product, offering new horizons for many applications of wood in construction.

Cross laminated timber are planar multilayer elements, made up of the superposition of several layers of wood glued together and turned alternatively, generally at an angle of 90°.

Cross Laminated Timber

The number of panel layers is odd (and greater than or equal to 3) in order to provide a symmetrical structure to ensure dimensional stability, effective mechanical and physical behavior, and avoiding unwanted deformations.

Several combinations of longitudinal and transverse layers of an element enable the realization of various structures of multilayer panel for the purpose of optimization with regards to structural requirements and resistance.
Through cross-layering of boards, we have the possibility to unload the weight along two main axes, main characteristic of reinforced concrete construction.These panels are already fitted in the factory with openings and spaces on which doors and windows, elevators, stairs and technical facilities will be directly mounted.The execution times on site are reduced and project management is simplified.

multilayer xlam


Construction increases progressively starting from the reinforced concrete foundation on which are fixed the elements of the wall in the first place, and then the floor panels. The links between the structural components are made using metal connectors of steel capable of conveying the efforts, ensuring the maintenance and simplifying installation operations on the site.

Building System With Panels Xlam