The goal of building, renovating and restoring is the well-being of the inhabitants, considered as a physical or mental state contributing to the individual’s health, socio-economic balance and the care of the natural habitat. “Reinforced” wood is our ally for creating sustainable constructions, enabling man to be responsible towards the environment.

green building multistory

 In this vision, the building is not an object in itself, separated from the context, but part of an interactive and dynamic system based on the usage of renewable resources that keeps in account natural elements such as basic materials of the project. These are selected and offered to the customers, based on meticulous research comparing products between them and evaluating the different environmental impacts at all stages of their lifecycle.

We work in order to integrate the endeavor in the environment and nature by applying the concept of economy, considered not as the lowest cost at short term but as a system enabling to prevent losses and maximize efficiency and sustainability.

“Dry” construction and the usage of wooden modular units enable 75% energy savings compared to any other constructive model, creating healthy, safe and environmentally friendly areas that contribute to cleaning the environment.