Our technical office is able to propose solutions for all types of structures, in solid wood and glulam.

As a building element, the roof is composed of various layers, each fulfilling a specific role. Based on the composition of these layers, we offer:

  • Insulated and non-ventilated roofs (warm roofs)
  • Insulated and ventilated roofs (cold roofs)

At the customer’s request we are able to design, supply and install:

1. A roof covering, which acts as a waterproof layer.

2. A ventilation layer, which controls the hygrothermal conditions in the roof by ensuring air circulation. This role can be fulfilled by the attic or by an airspace under the roof’s slope. The ventilation layer can also be created under the roof covering in order to eliminate humidity (under-tile ventilation).

3. An insulation layer, which insulates and keeps heat in.

4. A vapour barrier, which prevents the movement of vapour and, therefore, condensation forming between the layers.

5. A supporting structure, which gives support to other layers of the roof and helps it to resist the force of snow and wind.

Depending on the features of the design, we cover all types of constructions:

  • Flat roofs
  • Pent roofs
  • Gable roofs
  • Hip roofs
  • Multi-slope gable roofs
  • Gambrel roofs
  • Curved roofs
  • Dome roofs
  • Mansard roofs
  • Triangular and trapezoidal roofs

The supporting structure for pitched roofs can be constructed in a number of ways:

Timber framework and roof coverings

  •  Piedmont-style framework
  • Lombardy-style framework

Timber trusses:

  • King post roof truss
  • Palladian truss
  • Queen post roof truss
  • Palladian three ray truss
  • Half truss
  • Steel/wood truss
Roofing in curved glulam wood

Roofing in curved glulam wood