Paracity Conference @ City Architecture Festival 2014 | Friday 13 June 2014 | Basic Village

Paracity Conference: is there space for ground-less architecture in the city of the future?

BASIC VILLAGE | Regio Parco, 39 | Temporary Museum

Friday 13 June 2014 | 19:00 – 20:30

Parasitic architecture, thanks to the uniqueness which sets it apart from the crowd, can change a city and make it appear differently. Ground-less architecture represents a new way of interpreting spaces, a way which looks to the future and pushes the envelope of urban development.


Sara Marini: architect and associate professor
Adriano Sozza: councillor for planning and development in Rivoli
Andrea Cavaliere: architect and external lecturer
Carlo Ostorero: architect
Davide Maria Giachino: architect

Followed by a BIRRATA PARASSITA aperitif courtesy of Baladin!

Paracity conference ground-less architecture

The PARACITY.02 project is taking part in the 2014 City Architecture Festival with renewed enthusiasm.
By ‘parasitic’ we mean architectural constructions which do not take up new land, buildings which are self-sufficient and use existing buildings in order to function in their own right, almost in the manner of biological organisms.This topic has been extended from windowless facades on buildings to all the spaces which the rigid urban environment offers up, with outstretched hands, in countless examples of declinations: adding, extending, remodelling, fusing, finishing, performing true urban acupuncture. What we propose and support is not making use of new ground; we believe it is the only way we can go — and the way we will inevitably go — to achieve the sustainable and democratic development of our cities.

It is from these reflections that the PARACUBE was born, an interactive installation — in wood and polycarbonate — which tells the story of ‘parasitic’ architecture. Inside there are four ‘scopes’ which evoke the four topics of the festival: LEARN, WORK, ENHANCE YOURSELF AND RELAX.

Visitors will be able to see what goes on within the parasite through the four visual aids which have been proposed. The 2.40×2.40×2.40 cube is aimed to help people think of ways to take action and redesign the city and to respond to the need for buildings without extending the city boundaries into agricultural areas, which are becoming more and more precious.
The aim of this urban exploration initiative is to demonstrate to citizens just how much “vertical ground” there is in our cities.

The conference is part of the 2014 City Architecture Festival at the Basic Village, which runs from 11 to 14 June 2014. The Paracity installation will be open to visitors between 10 and 14 June.

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Paracity Conference